Mels Coffee Addiction

Coffee, with an attitude, a lttle sarcasm, alot of humor, some motivation, splash of encouragement, and tons of faith!!

The New Melody’s Coffee Addiction

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Black Coffee

I drink my coffee, mostly black… I didn’t used to, but over the years, I acquired the taste for just plain old black coffee..

When I have the $$, I enjoy a skinny hazelnut latte or misto, but I really look forward to my morning cup of coffee.. I look forward to waking up to the smell of the coffee, just like the commercials..  There is something about the first cup of the day!!! awwwwww!!!

.. Maybe it’s the taste, the caffeine, or the steam, or maybe a mixture of all..

Coffee is more than a hot drink.. It’s a way of life.. a way to socialize… something you do as a habit and something people enjoy and yes… are addicted to..

Coffee has been around forever and is in almost every commercial or tv show… I notice things like that… lol..

I still think of the coffee days, where the same customers came into the shop, and ordered their coffee…I feel their urgency.. I need mine too. I may never see those days again, but blogging and have a social media page, keeps the “Coffee Lover” part of me alive..

Enjoy your coffee.. I do!!!!


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Be Thankful

There is always something to be thankful for in every situation… Find it and hold onto it!!   If you can’t, go out and find someone who has less than you…

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Mom’s Birds

One of the things I do is make sure that both our hummingbird feeders are full.. It’s a very important part of the day around this house… You are always hearing throughout the day, sounds of hummingbird wings, as they fly around the backyard. They are so beautiful and peaceful. Mother loves to sit out on the patio and watch them fly around her and go to the feeders to drink..

I never really did the “hummingbird” thing, until last year, when mother moved into our home.. Her Alzheimer’s, and other health issues, were too much for her to live alone anymore.. I take care of her during the week now, with my sister caring for her on the weekends..

Mother is fascinated by outside objects, the weather, politics, and loves her Lord.. Alzheimer’s, robs a person of memories, relationships, activities, life-long schedules and habits, plus so much more.. It is extremely painful to watch daily.. I have become her memory and her mother. God has given me patience, beyond words, and I will never be the same after going thru this.. It has given so much more compassion for people and for caregivers around the world..

I think Mom is the “Hummingbird Whisperer”.

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Sharing is Caring


I’m a natural born encourager.. I believe it is our God-given duty to try to uplift others and help them thru life.. Do we really take time to “stop and smell the roses”?? If we did, then we know that not everyone is having a good day or life. Take time to notice people.. Go out somewhere and just watch… You will see people that need kindness..

If you have been in a dark place, you know what kindness and love means… It’s everything..You empathize with other’s feelings.. I’ve been broken.. I need to give back to others for myself… Find your reason.. If you don’t have one, use someone’s story…

Once you are kind, you can’t stop.. Give without wanting anything in return…




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About Me

You are probably asking yourself………… Who is this coffee lady??? Why does she love      coffee so much and on top of that, funny and inspirational, and likes people too???

Well. this is the real scoop…. “I’m spilling the beans”… lol

I have loved coffee my whole life… Can’t remember when I didn’t….. Wait… maybe when I was very little, maybe four or five years old…….I grew up in a pastors’ home, with a mother, who was a fantastic cook, from her Pa Dutch background.. Along with the great cooking, there was coffee… I learned right away that it would be a huge part of my life and that I need it too.

As the years went by, coffee was part of my life… a ritual… I can truly say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am a coffee addict…. I eat, breathe and sleep coffee…

If you read my background, you will see that I eventually got into the coffee field…..

I will never forget pulling my first shot of espresso and all the coffee experiences over the twelve years..

More of spilling the beans………………I am happily married, a mother of four girls, and currently am a caregiver for my mother, who unfortunately has Alzheimer’s…. I can empathize with domestic violence, losing a child, divorce, cancer, and now Alzheimer’s…

Throughout my life, I have used humor as a way of coping with circumstances that hurt alot… My people personality is God-given, and He has also given me a spirit of compassion and helping others…. I have to give back… It’s who I am… I also believe strongly, that we are called as believers, to care about others, and be compassionate… So many are hurting and fighting hard battles… I know.. I’ve been there.

I have a random, quirky way about me.. I get these off the wall, funny lines that come to mind, and I have to share them… English and creative writing were my favorite subjects in school…. I would love to write a book.. One day I will… Mark my words…

Even though it has been years since doing so, I play the piano and sing too… I grew up playing and singing in my Dad’s churches, as well as in worship groups and bands in different churches, over the years… People know me from churches and mostly from the coffee places I have worked at….

There is no stranger to me, and I enjoy talking to people… But I will also will say….. “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness”…. That I am not.

Hope you enjoy my blog and my Facebook page… Thanks for reading!!





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The Angel

I was looking at my angel in the window, and it made me think of all the friends I have had thru the years… I can’t quite place who gave it to me, but a friend did many years ago.. Someone who thought I was like an angel to them.. I know they were to me also…

Life just seems to pass by and we go on with the tasks at hand.. Even though some have moved on, I will never forget the memories I have with certain people.. No one can take away our memories… They are ours… I have a ceramic doll, that was given to me by a dear friends’ husband… He died from cancer, but I will never forget how he thought I looked like the doll….. as I stood up in the church choir… What a precious gesture!

I have a journal that a very good friend gave me and every time I write something, I see her handwriting, telling me how much she loves me. That is something no one can take away… priceless… There are other keepsakes that I have throughout the house, that remind me of friends and people I know or have a connection with…

What is your angel??? or keepsake??? Who does it remind you of…. I only wish I remembered who the angel was from… maybe one day I will

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Be Kind……….. You Never Know

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